Monday, March 8, 2010

The HOpocrite is at it Again!

Palin admits to frequent crossing of the border to pimp the Canadian "socialist" medical system


Anonymous said...

Um, Canda's system wasn't "socialist" until the 70's...after she and her family are said to have gone. And even if it was, she was a child at the time.

Anonymous said...

The move to universal coverage began in Canada in 1947.

Anonymous said...

"The origins of Medicare date back to 1947 in Saskatchewan. Premier Tommy Douglas passed the Saskatchewan Hospitalization Act, making healthcare free for much of the population. A decade later, Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent introduced a national hospital insurance program despite an outcry from the medical community, and insurance companies."

Anonymous said...

You dimwits are unbelievable. SHE WAS A CHILD AT THE TIME. Are we to believe she was supposed to have a political ideology at the point, AND tell her parents NOT to take her or her brother there? Plus, as US citizens they'd still have to pay the bill.

This is much ado about nothing. No wonder liberalism is said to be a mental disorder.

Anonymous said...

And, there's this:


Yukon creates medical insurance plans with federal cost sharing, April 1.

Brooke Chao said...

I am the last person who'd you expect to see defending Sarah Palin, BUT, I agree with the commenters that said this really isn't relevant. If she had taken HER family over the border for health care, I'd understand the outcry and outrage, but she was taken over the border by her parents as a child. It in NO way makes her a hypocrite, but it is ironic.

Again, let's stop with the knee-jerk finger pointing, and instead, look at facts so that we can remain leve-headed so that civil discourse can be had.