Monday, March 8, 2010

Bread and Circus Govt. - No Dough, Many Clowns...

Gotcha! McDonnell moves from promises to rhetoric...
Dems in disarray with shallow bench.

On issues synonymous with his landslide victory, McDonnell may be signaling, as he shifts from the discipline of the campaign to the disconnectedness of governance, that rhetoric can be more important than results.

Don't count on Democrats, though, to point this out. Their wilderness years, just beginning, are complicated by erratic, disjointed leadership, coalition-rattling suspicions and a shallow, shallow bench.

The General Assembly went along with McDonnell, pledging for transportation phantom revenues from offshore drilling. The dollars may never be seen, at least on McDonnell's watch, because of any manner of wrinkles, one of which is the telling silence of oil companies. If we drill, will they come? Really?

Pumping out a lot of hot air potentially creates the appearance of momentum for McDonnell, never mind he was warned as a candidate by a prominent Hampton Roads economist who studied the dollars and sense of offshore drilling, former Old Dominion University President James Koch, that he risks overstating the supposed windfall from exploration.

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