Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Roanoke to Sue State Over School Funding?

The Roanoke City School Board has decided to pursue legal action against the Commonwealth and Governor McDonnell's decision to radically remake local school funding. Roanoke is estimating that their schools will see a $10 million cut in funding.

The board voted 5-2 on a motion introduced by member Jason Bingham, who said the state -- by cutting millions of dollars in state aid to localities -- is not fulfilling the constitutional requirement to establish and maintain a high-quality program of education.

I remain shocked that our local representatives have not been called on the carpet by the Rockingham School Board and the Board of Supervisors for supporting the Governor in his effort to change the school funding formulas in favor of Northern Virginia school districts. I mean, who are Matt Lohr, Todd Gilbert, and Dickie Bell working for? What of Prince Obenshain? I see Senator Hanger is fighting to open bars to gun toting drinkers. Thanks for nothin' boys!


Anonymous said...

The Rockingham County School Board has no spine. Most of them are Republican anyway so they're not going to criticize their very own boys.
These are the same folks who gave a wink and nod approval to pay Delicate Lohr to "motivate" the teachers. I guess that bribe didn't work, huh.

Bubby said...

Richard Flora, a Roanoke County supervisor and Craig County administrator, said the General Assembly has “abandoned public education” in an effort to avoid raising taxes.

“We’ve all heard they’re not going to raise taxes. They’re not going to raise taxes. The bottom line is they are raising taxes,” Flora said. “They’re doing it indirectly. They’re not doing it directly in Richmond, but forcing localities to raise taxes just to meet the mandated funding requirement the state has put on us.”

I wish we could get that kind of honesty, candor, and courage from our Valley representatives.