Monday, April 26, 2010

All too Common in Virginia

This is sickening.....maybe we need to change our state motto to "Virginia is for Haters." (Note the coded white supremacist license plate).


Anonymous said...

Isn't that bubba mcdonnell's truck?

J. Tyler Ballance said...

The Fourteen: Refers to the fourteen words quote from David Lane, "...We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."

The Eighty-eight is shorthand for HH, and typically intended as meaning Heil Hitler.

The first reference is no more racist than all of the other race specific proclamations routinely issued by race based groups such as the NAACP, ADL or La Raza (the race).

The second reference (88) is probably not his favorite NASCAR number (but it could be). More likely it implies HH, for Heil Hitler. This sort of expression is rarely a serious statement of true affiliation, or even sympathetic support for real Nazi groups.

I did some research on the subject of White advocacy groups back in the 1990s, including an interview with David Duke. What I found was that, with the exception of leaders, like Duke (who is possibly on the government payroll in order to serve as a magnet for dissenters) most of these sympathizers are just looking for a way to voice their frustrations.

Given that we have 44 MILLION White citizens living in poverty (a number greater than ALL of the Black and Latino populations, respectively) one can easily empathize with those who wonder why having a United Negro College Fund is seen as laudable by the media, but anyone who mentions the plight of the White poor, is dismissed as racist and the speaker called White trash.

As for the display of the Battle Flag, probably 99% of those who fly the battle Flag or display it in other ways, do so with deep reverence to the Confederate Veteran.

When you see someone with a Battle Flag displayed, ask them about their Confederate relatives. You will be surprised to see an immediate warmth as they relate stories about their heritage.

You will find that most of these citizens who honor their own heritage are also the MOST likely members of our communities who will appreciate and honor the cultures of others.

Almost everyone who displays the Battle Flag, loves and cherishes our country and they honor ALL of our Veterans, including their Confederate Veteran forefathers.

Anonymous said...

It could be Obama's truck

Joe said...

I just don't understand the logic in having pride in the most disastrous war in our history, in which relatives fought against relatives, and in which their side LOST. To me logic says that it's time to move on from this ugly, horrific and dark part of our past.

Why not revere the Revolutionary War? Virginia fought honorable in that war and it gave birth to this Nation!

Jarrod S. said...

That is just about the biggest accumulation of nonsense I've heard on this subject. I used to think you make some worthwhile observations, but this just makes me shake my head.