Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rig Collapses-11 Feared Dead

Is this environmental and human tragedy really worth risking off the coast of Virginia? For perhaps just one year's worth of oil? Assuming that the oil is even there? Really?


Tom T said...

As a fence-sitting independent/republican, it's getting harder and harder for me to feel sorry for these workers. They know the risks and they enjoy the pay. If they wanted safer working conditions then they should have gone to college and gotten a better career.

Like the coal miners recently, they deserved what they got. When you keep re-electing good ol boys who are puppets of the industry, and bad mouth those that want more oversight of safety regulations, then don't be surprised when your workspace becomes your coffin.

even now, in white trash coal country of WVa, instead of screaming for the heads of Massey Energy and their politicians who who were paid to dilute safety oversight, the redneck morons are whining that recent evironmental laws are hurting their industry.

Huh? Do they make them any dumber? No wonder these people are the brunt of so many jokes. The good thing about these types of corporate safety abuses is that they remove the extremely ignorant from the reproductive pool.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that a previous post has been dleeted but I'd like to respond to that point about these people wanting to make life better for themselves and their families. If that were the case then they need to change their tactics.

Instead of spending their free time drinking beer and watching NASCAR, they need to organize and take their country back.

Instead of thinking that prayers to god will solve all their problems, they need to be active and fight back.

Instead of listening to pro-corporate, anti-worker talking heads like Glenn Beck and Foxnews, they need to get mad at the corrupt politicians and CEOs, get off their butts, and create CHANGE.

Until they do that, it is hard to defend them time after time again as these tragedies mount up. If they aren't willing to learn from their own history then that's their fault. It's not like they haven't had lots of opportunities to do so.

Bubby said...

The well is now leaking 1000 barrels of oil a day into the gulf. That's 50,000 gallons of oil coming from a hole one mile down. An oil slick is now spreading toward the second largest estuary (nature's seafood factory) in the US.

These are the same kind of rigs (floating) that will be used to drill for oil off the coast of Virginia (and the largest US esturary - Chesapeake Bay) if the "Drill Baby Drill" people have their way.

Anonymous said...

Bubby your master Obama is one of the drill baby drill people remember you said YES WE DID.

Bubby said...

Pictures of the oil slick.

TJ said...

It was just reported that the oil company that owns this rig fought off new safety regulations. The slick now covers almost 1,900 square miles. Gotta love corporate greed and american stupidity.

Just you wait VA Beach!!

Matt L said...

Spill Baby Spill!!

Max said...

Just heard that Massachusetts is putting in a wind farm that will power 3/4s of the homes on Cape Cod. Once again, it takes the folks in the north to move this country forward.