Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Senate GOP Leader Goes To War For Wall Street

Coincidentally this comes after a flurry of "private meetings" with over 2 dozen Wall Street executives. Who says you can't buy love?


kelley in virginia said...

well, look at it this way: its better to be meeting with those who can create jobs (corporations) before legislation than with those who suck the life out of business (unions) before Obamacare.

Joy said...

Kelly, you have it so wrong on so many levels. Let's get you up to speed.....Corps could care less about people like you as they outsource jobs as fast as they can,and their greed and disdain for people like you created the financial crisis that ALMOST brought down the capitalist system that you so patriotically wave the flag at, not to mention the recent mine disaster in WVA.
As for unions, perhaps you need to bone-up on your history anon...I mean "Kelley." Contrary to the propaganda put out by self-interested corporations, unions have made this country great, created reasonable work conditions and kept corporations from committing the abuses seen in the late 1800s & early 1900's....which is why they now spend so much money buying off republican politicians.

As for Obamacare? I look forward to your letter to the government rejecting your benefits. Write it now, let the taxpayers know that you do not want to get any publicly subsidized assistance, that includes police protection, firefighters, emergency response, post office mail, medicare, etc...

And let's ask all the conservative "patriots" in the military to give up military and VA medicine.