Sunday, June 24, 2007

Convoluted? You Decide...

By Chris Saxman-Republican Delegate Virginia House District 20

Recently there has been discussion about those of us who have signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge to not raise taxes. We have been called extremists, ideologues and undoubtedly other less flattering words that have not yet found their way to the media.

I would like to explain why I signed and continue to support the ATR pledge not to raise taxes. First, what does the pledge mean? It means that I will not support higher tax rates for the purpose of increasing revenues to the commonwealth.

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Hburg Contractor said...

How does this guy keep getting elected? I would bet he didn't build a business, but stands to inherit a business that was built by someone else.

Anonymous said...

You can tell when someone inherits wealth. THey have no idea where it came from. THey think they somehow deserve credit for what their parents gave them. And they don't understand, or won't accept the need to invest for the future. Just live large today and screw everyone else!

kestrel9000 said...

It's more of that Grover Norquist nonsense that drove the failed Scott Sayre campaign, the aftermath of which is causing the SWAC Republicans to implode, even as we speak.
here's a quote from Norquist:
We are trying to change the tones in the state capitals - and turn them toward bitter nastiness and partisanship.
Is this, then, what we can expect from Saxman when and if he returns to Richmond?
It's a shame there's no one to challenge him.
It's that "play to the idiot base" one note anti tax sonata again, and decent, thinking voters should find it quite insulting.
I'm glad he's not my representative.
I'd leave it blank before I'd vote for him.

Walter said...

How sad that people keep falling for such nonsense. The state is already well below projections regarding revenue so there may be no "surplus" funds to draw from.
I think that when a shortfall occurs that the first place to reduce spending should be in the districts of legislators who signed the pledge. Let them explain to their constituents why projects aren’t getting done. This is just a shell game and Saxman knows it. To say as he does, “Lifting exemptions on those who do not pay current rates of taxation, temporarily or permanently, does not violate a no-tax pledge.” Is misleading on a grand scale. I’m sure that the businesses who must then pay more in taxes would feel like they’re…. paying more in taxes.

Clifford Garstang said...

Vote for anybody but Saxman in November! Here's my response to this foolishness:

Saxman Panders to the Right