Saturday, June 16, 2007

There's a sucker born every minute

For just $19.95 (adults) and $9.95 (kiddies) and a little travel time to Petersburg, KY, you can visit the Creation Museum. There, wax figures, videos, and other exhibits will convince you of the story of creation if you, as the museum's slogan admonishes, are "prepared to believe." Sounds like created science to me.

This museum is actually created capitalism. It will do quite well in a nation where nearly half of the population accepts on faith the literal interpretation of Genesis and totally rejects Evolution. As P.T. Barnum said... well, you know what he said...! Interesting commentary on the Creation Museum by Democrat Al Dahler found in the News Leader:

Just visited the museum website ( WARNING, if you are a gun toting Republican, you have to leave your firearms in the car. No weapons permitted in fantasy land.

Maybe you've written me off as some sort of secular science humanist by now. That's OK. But to tell the truth, to this Deist, the Bible and Evolutionary Theory are completely compatible. Each enhanced by the other. Each blind without the other.

What do YOU think? Sound like your family's summer destination? Or maybe Mickey Mouse and the Enchanted Kingdom are more your style?

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