Saturday, June 9, 2007

Who is Scott Sayre?

All I know about Scott Sayre I learned from a blog. Oh, and a robo-call from Grover Norquist.

Ok, I'll dismiss the phone call as tainted. Grover is, you see, Mr. Anti-Tax. A one trick pony. Friend of Jack Abramof, a lobbyist, a friend of Bush and DeLay, a man who thinks politics is all about money not people, a man who is a criminal. So, if I'm judging Scott Sayre by the folks who make intrusive phone calls on his behalf.... well, you know the answer.

Maybe I should consult those who know him best--the local Republicans like Kurt M. (Augusta), Ann T. (Staunton), and Lynn M. (Augusta). So, I went to their blogs to find out all about Scott Sayre. I watched their TV ad supporting Scott Sayre. They get a little beyond the Grover Norquist anti-tax message, but not by much. Mostly they call Emmett Hanger names like "Democrat," "liberal," "big taxer," etc. Jeez--when are they going to recycle terms like "commie" or "socialist"?

I've known Kurt and friends' politics for years. They are dedicated to government for the haves and screw the have-nots. They believe their religious views should be law so you must obey. They believe in downsizing government (how about eliminating the Governor's Schools, Kurt..?) so that cherished American values such as equal opportunity, free public education, minority rights, and respect for our differences are but an empty American Dream.

So, Scott Sayre.... because you have said so little for yourself, I can only judge you by the friends you keep. Friends like Grover, Kurt, Ann, Lynn, Steve. I find your friends repulsive and repugnant to the America I want for my children and their children. I'm confident that true grassroots mountain-valley Republicans will reject all you stand for. But if they don't, I know, the Democratic nominee, David Cox, will make mincemeat of your Rovian strategy to win by dividing. And if you should lose (as I expect), your rightwingnut friends should step down from their party leadership positions--they embarass not only their party but all Valley voters.

Enjoy the insightful cartoon by Jim McCloskey of the News Leader (Staunton) published on 6/5/07.

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