Saturday, June 30, 2007

Realizing the Potential of University Research in Virginia

This is an area of Virginia public policy and governmental responsibility which I worked to bring to people's attention during my campaigns in '03 and '05.
University research holds the potential to find solutions to some of the most serious issues we now face.
Virginia could lead the nation in this effort, and is poised to do so if we can show people the value of investment into research grants.

Wind, algae projects to tap state money for energy studies provides an excellent example of what could/should be our direction as a state.

But, (and that's a pretty big BUT) we must change the focus of public discussion from the current obsession of the far right's favorite topics they use to drive up division and fear and hatred, to one of clear thinking about the future.

True leadership is the ability to cultivate a vision among people of a bright and positive destination for society, one in which everyone will enjoy progress, and a vision which when established in peoples imagination will set us all on the path to achieve and accomplish whatever is necessary to make that vision into reality.

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