Friday, June 29, 2007

GOP members reveal split among party

Group meets despite ruling from state party officialsBy Christina M. Mitchell/staff
STAUNTON — An unauthorized meeting of a group of Staunton Republican Committee members Thursday revealed divisions amongst at least some in the local party that may require mediation.
At issue: Differences among those who spoke up at the Thursday meeting with local party leadership.

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Tad W. said...

Dems have been split three or four ways for years yet managed to win three governor's races in Virginia and Congress in 2006. I certainly am not always pleased with the Democratic party or agree with all their positions, but they represent me better than if I chose to sit on the fence or in another field.

zen said...

Seems to me, the split Dem factions have truly been able to pull together for the common good of all, rather than continue inflating a self-grandiosed, ego trip of themselves. This priority is apparent in success.

It's incredibly difficult to undo the damage done from a negatively toned campaign. It wasn't the principles that the SWAC ran with that seeded a split, it was the tone. And unfortunately it seems that tone is the typical approach to campaigning the SWAC republicans exhibit. And when this fails and spoils the party, they become the poor victims of unfair criticism. Oh woe.