Sunday, June 24, 2007

un-Fair Solution?

Editorial, News Leader

This past winter — and the winter before that, and the winter before that — when "abuser fees" and a $10 hike in vehicle registration fees were still in the realm of the theoretical, we hoped that the General Assembly would come up with a more rational plan for funding Virginia's transportation needs — a method that didn't rely on punishment to ensure a revenue stream, a method that addressed the issue fairly by making everyone — tourists and passers-through from out of state as well as Virginians — pay their fair share. Unfortunately, the "no taxes" contingent of the House of Delegates got its way...

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finnegan said...

I would tend to say yes, this is an unfair and illogical solution.

If they want to increase the penalties for bad driving, fine. But it's pretty lame that this is how they're getting around the funding issue. Everyone that uses the roads should help pay for the roads. Everyone. Not just reckless drivers.