Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cheap food policy

Well, it appears even the Democratically controlled Congress doesn't have the stomach to reform the food policy in this country. The subsidies will continue into the corporate farms and corporations leading to an oversupply of grain which in turn leads to cheaper protein sources that leads to cheaper farm products that leads to fewer farmers. Don't farmers realize that the cheaper their products become the less they make. An example can be seen in the dairy industry. Milk prices have increased the last six months. The price the dairy farmer gets is going up. People got to have milk, cheese, and yogurt. Usually this scenario would lead to the farmer buying more cows and more feed to produce more milk to take advantage of the high prices. If one farmer does that there is not a problem. If all dairy farmers do it there will be an oversupply and prices will decrease. Farmers should stop being ashamed of getting a fair return on their investment. For too long this country has had a cheap food policy that rewards overproduction. This has allowed us to get fat and happy on televisions and ready to eat meals. Wouldn't it be alright if we spent a few more dollars on food and a few less on everything else?

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