Monday, July 30, 2007

Tyranny of the Absolute Majority meets Laurel and Hardy

Bad-driver fees only part of the problem

John S. Edwards

Edwards, a Democrat, is state senator for the 21st District, which includes Roanoke, parts of Roanoke, Pulaski and Montgomery counties, and all of Craig and Giles counties.

The ill-conceived Transportation Act of 2007 -- negotiated in secret by House and Senate Republican leaders -- is only now receiving the public scrutiny it should have received during the legislative session last winter. And the public is making clear that it does not like what it sees.
The dramatic increase in fees is intended to raise funds for road improvements, never mind that this source is inadequate and not designed to fund road building. But, worse still, they only apply to Virginians, and not to out-of-state drivers. Despite the fact that perhaps one-third of the miles traveled are driven by out-of state motorists, Virginians will bear the entire burden of paying for roads under this legislation.

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Tad W. said...

I completely agree with Senator Edwards' opinion on driving fees. Yet I must ask the question: What is his proposal? He certainly doesn't spell it out here. Perhaps he has articulated in another venue. I hope as much. Raise the gasoline tax not just a few cents, but perhaps a dollar or more per gallon. You will get more drivers off the road and into other people's cars and mass transit than any "compromise" proposal.

Rapanui said...

What about a toll system on the interstate highways similar to how New York, New Jersey and New England do? Then the "users" pay based on size and load of the vehicle.