Wednesday, July 18, 2007

SIRIUS Word Games

You've probably seen it on other blogs: SIRIUS satellite radio calls its conservative talk channel SIRIUS PATRIOT and promotes it as "coast-to-coast conservative . . . celebrates the red, white and blue with patriotic conservatives who aren't afraid to tell you what they think." SIRIUS LEFT, the liberal talk channel, is promoted only as "liberal radio with entertaining hosts only on SIRIUS."

I don't subscribe to satellite radio, but I offer these suggestions for change:

  • Rename SIRIUS PATRIOT to SIRIUS PARROT since most of those types just repeat the same talking points. Might be insulting to Jimmy Buffett.
  • Rename SIRIUS LEFT as SIRIUS LIBERTY which is at least descriptive of American liberal stands and is equally complimentary as the term patriot.
  • Rename both to SIRIUS RED and SIRIUS BLUE.
  • Cancel your subscription to SIRIUS and enjoy local radio which gives you music and LOCAL news, weather, and sports. Plus, you support the LOCAL economy.

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kestrel9000 said...


t3h k3$tr3l LOVES you, especially for that last paragraph.
Feel free to crosspost that to cobalt6, or I can steal it.....already did it once, ut I can do it again.......:)