Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Team in Action!

Here's a top notch Team! This photo was just before the 4th of July Parade in Harrisonburg.
By the time we reached Main Street we had 28-30 Wonderful Volunteers handing out campaign information and candy to a crowd estimated to be at least 5,000 strong!

Thank you so much for showing such strong support of our Democratic Candidates!


Mona J. said...

Great day! You guys did a great job! You "won" the parade... :o)
My husband and I were and are quite impressed by "the Team."
Something else I noticed was that there was much litter after the parade consisting of candidate handouts, stickers etc... (and polariod pictures by the goofy guy in the bright jacket) but we saw none of the Green Team's material among the litter!
Good Job

finnegan said...

It was good seeing all that green. It's clear that Dianne has a great team behind her.

Tad W. said...

Had alot of fun handing out candy to the kids both young and old.

Lowell Fulk said...

Officials now estimate over 6,000 in attendence!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to our candidates Fulk and Nizer! You and your group were energetic, friendly, and looked wonderful.
You make me proud to live in the valley!

Steve said...

I've got to say, you all looked great in the Grottoes parade! People are still talking about that "Fulk Lady" and her group.

Anonymous said...

Noticed after your great display in green that the Republican Connellee running for re-elect Com. of Rev. tried to copy in the next couple of parades. His group wore red, it was a failed attempt.

I want to vote for someone who has their own ideas.

Remember red means STOP don't vote for me.