Friday, December 4, 2009

Cap and Trade - An Argument Against

A different take on cap and trade...

Leading Climate Change Scientist: 'Cap and trade won't work'

A leading global warming scientist, James Hansen, made recent statements on Friday that he hopes the Copenhagen summit will fail, according to a Washingtonsblog posting:
He is vehemently opposed to the carbon market schemes – in which permits to pollute are bought and sold – which are seen by the EU and other governments as the most efficient way to cut emissions and move to a new clean energy economy.
Hanson, who was quoted in he Guardian, said:
"I would rather it not happen if people accept that as being the right track because it's a disaster track," said Hansen, who heads the Nasa Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York."
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John Doe said...

Cap and trade is a "Ponzi scheme" alright. At least he got that right. Too bad he won't come out and admit that this entire anthropogenic global climate change is a load of crap, too. Those blinded by their ideology are always the last to see.