Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Poll on Healthcare Reform

My support for healthcare reform is:

Growing stronger


The same, I want it to happen

The same, I didn't support healthcare reform to begin with


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seth said...

i was going to vote in the poll, but the limited options are problematic. i support health care reform. the system is obviously broken and something needs to be done. however, that doesn't mean i'm in support of whatever gets put on the table and called reform.

i think pollslike this have the potential to be really counterproductive in terms of good conversation.

Rockdem said...

I based this poll on a question I saw being asked nationally. I'm sorry you find it inadequate or counterproductive. I'm just trying to get a moment in time measure.

Now please explain to me why you feel the need to complain about the poll not allowing for or being conducive to conversation Seth, instead of you yourself engaging in conversation?

If you have a position or opinion to put forward, then do so. Don't bitch because the sun is in your eyes or because the grass is slick and you slipped unfairly... What's on your mind?

This is where conversation can begin.