Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of Year Pushback against Right Wing BS

This is pretty good...

Get out your notebook and pen, and start writing letters...


WVAian with teeth said...

My New Year's wish, that all NEOCONs either die a horrible death or get exposed for the lying cowards that they are, may be getting an early start! Limbaugh recently checked into a hospital with chest pains!!

Sadly, it has been learned that instead of a possible heart attack, Limbaugh's chest pains are due to an infection of a recent "nipple ring."

Apparently, Limbaugh's well known lover, Mr. Glen Beck, performed the piercing in what the police call "a bizarre male republican, closet love-cult ritual that is very popular right now with the GOP."

Although it can't be verified, it is rumored that other men linked to this secret, exclusive, male-sex group include Dick Cheney, GWB, Rupert Murdoch, Revs. Moon, Dobson, and Pat Robertson, fully 2/3s of the American Republican Caucus (ironically most are from the bible-belt states), and Ann Colture.

Slogger said...


My dog sleeps about 20 hours a day. She hasn't balanced a budget or reduced the size of government in almost forty years. She's never reduced the National Debt. She acts real mean and always barks at everybody...but hasn't actually won a war since 1898...the Spanish-American War. She often starts fights without thinking...but then runs off and lets others clean up the mess. She always destroys the economy when she handles it, but then always blames everybody else. She hates everybody, particularly if they're smart, and worships drug addicts and draft dodgers on radio and Fox "News" because they whine really loudly and constantly. She never wants to pay ANY taxes for ANYTHING...even though that "hate America" attitude has turned a once world-class American infrastructure into a crumbling disaster. She always shops at WalMart...she just LOVES supporting the communist regime in China who took all those millions of American jobs, and now make everything sold at WalMart, including the American flags my dog always wears on her head.
I was just thinking about all this, and suddenly it hit me, Holy Shit, my dog is a republican!