Friday, December 4, 2009

Webb on Afghanistan

A Plan in need of Clarity - U.S. Senator Jim Webb from Virginia

I have great regard for the careful process the Obama administration employed in its efforts to define a new approach for the long-standing military commitment in Afghanistan and to put an operational framework in place for our responsible withdrawal. I intend, nevertheless, to continue to call on the administration to clarify to the American public and Congress how it defines success and how we reach an end point.

Since early 2009, I have said repeatedly that the U.S. strategy for Afghanistan must proceed based on four considerations:

(1) the fragility of the Afghan government;

(2) whether building a national army of considerable scale is achievable;

(3) whether an increased U.S. military presence will ultimately have a positive effect in the country, or whether we will be seen as an occupying force; and

(4) the linkage of events in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In the coming weeks I intend to examine the administration's plan to see how it addresses these criteria and how it will affect our troops. 

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John Doe said...

Love the gas price map of the U.S. Probably most of your contributors are too stupid to see what it really means so I'll explain. Those states in red have so much higher prices BECAUSE THOSE STATES TAX THE HELL OUT OF THEIR CITIZENS.

From a contented person who lives in a green area of Virginia!

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