Monday, December 7, 2009

Kate Obenshain's "Low Income Babies"

"Low income women don't pay for their own abortions and that won't change. The point here is that the government should not be paying for any abortions." - Kate Obenshain

What the heck is Kate talking about?


seth said...

don't have time to watch the video right now, but i'm sure you caught her looking pretty dumb. that being said, i remember hearing about some of the hoopla surrounding government suppoted aborions and thinking to myself, 'how much does it cost? between $300-$600, right?' (turns out it can be more depending on what sorts of options you'd like). that is to say that in my mind, it doesn't really fall into the category of prohibitively expensive procedures which necessitate coverage for all. abortion being such a legitimately hot button issue, i have a hard time seeing why the dems would have included any funding at all to support it in the current bill.

Anonymous said...

I am totally opposed to "suppoted aborions"!!! Danged aborions sneaking across the borders and taking jobs from REAL Mercans! I'm also opposed to individuals writing poorly considered comments simply to be a bitter little smart ass who contributes very little to any discussion.

seth whitten said...

you know what i think is poorly considered? feckless support for abortion 'rights.' abortion is and will continue to be a neccessary option in our society. what i can't understand for the life of me is how people who consider themselves feminists, humanitarians and thinking human beings in general can so boldly come out in favor of policies that allow people to terminate a pregnancy because the fetus has undesirable traits like downs syndrome or a vagina. i'm sorry that your perspective makes it difficult for you to see the problematic aspects of abortion funding in a health reform bill, but i think you'd do well to try to open you're mind a bit.

(also, i'd like to take this opportunity to reiterate my opinion that anonymous commenters are the bane of the internet)

seth said...

and if you're interested in contributing to the discussion, i'd suggest that you either:
a) do so
b) give me a call (617-319-1924) and we can do so in a venue where you're more comfortable and don't feel the need to lash out.

Floyd said...

Anon is also one of those hypocritical buffoons who, after the baby is born, will bitch and moan that we are paying for it's healthcare, education, etc.

(Ironically that would cost a lot more than the original abortion so you'd think that the fiscal "conservatives" would support that one.)

And finally, after all the yelling and vitriol about protecting an unborn embryo, people like Anon see nothing wrong with keeping kids in poverty, or locking them up forever for minor infractions, or even killing them.