Sunday, December 13, 2009

Would you please join together to give support and comfort to our Troops?

Whatever opinion each of us holds regarding the wars in which we are involved, the fact remains that the wonderful young people who are serving the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq, or have been wounded while serving there, they are ours.  And they need for us to let them know that we love and support them...  Republican or Democrat or Independent or whatever political affiliation each of us might hold, whether we like Obama, Bush, Paul, Palin or whomever, the valiant folks who are serving our country are our kids...

I'm asking for your help in showing our Troops our support and appreciation.  It is a small thing indeed, what each of us can do in order to let them know this, in a way which will bless their lives.

Please click here, or visit the Face Book event page to find out how you can help bring some sense of Home for the Holidays to the Young Americans who are serving, and who have served our country.

Thank you, and may God Bless you...

Lowell Fulk

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