Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Candidate for District 2 Chair - Michael Ritchie

Candidate for Chair of Voting District 2
of the Rockingham County Democratic Committee

Michael Ritchie, of District 2, is an attorney working at the Ritchie Law Firm in Harrisonburg.  
He grew up in Rockingham County and attended Spotswood High School.  

After graduating from Spotswood, Mike attended the University of Virginia for both undergraduate and law school.  In addition to being active in local, state and national bar associations, Mike served on the Rockingham County Board of Elections in 2008-2009 as Secretary.  

Other than an unhealthy obsession with politics, Mike enjoys working on his farm, listening to music, and skiing.


J. Tyler Ballance said...

What has he done so far, to help Bill Fleming in the Special Election in the Eighth Senate District?

All of these folks who are seeking leadership roles must show that that they have been pitching-in with the SPECIAL ELECTION.

You can't claim to be a leader if you stand around with your hands in your pockets when there is a local campaign in progress.

I have no doubt that Mr. Ritchie is worthy of consideration, but every candidate for a Democratic Party post during this re-organization must answer the question regarding what they have done to help the two candidates in the upcoming SPECIAL ELECTION.

Rockdem said...

Local campaign?

Mr. Ballance, your suggested candidate is in Virginia Beach.

We are reorganizing our committee in the Shenandoah Valley.

Should I just call off the reorganization of our committee now?

I eagerly await your ruling but, could you hurry it up a bit?

We meet tomorrow and I'd like a bit of time to let people know that you have decided none of our potential committee candidates meet your stringent criteria...

Rockdem said...

Or here's an idea:

With your esteemed permission Mr. Ballance, could we perhaps proceed with our reorganization, and then when the new leadership team is in place, the suggestion be made to help your candidate by phone banking?

I can tell you this my young activist friend, my patience isn't particularly long with you at this point.