Sunday, January 31, 2010

Harrisonburg Downtown Parking - Poll - Where do you stand?

Do you believe there is need to add parking capacity for downtown Harrisonburg?
I don't have enough information.
No, there is sufficient available parking capacity.
Yes, there is a need to increase available parking capacity.
I don't go downtown so I'm not affected either way.
This is a socialist plot to destroy America and make us all slaves to the New World Order.

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Anonymous said...

I think there is plenty of parking downtown right now, but I guess at some point that will change. Maybe the City is planning for the future. Although I have to admit that Harrisonburg's capital improvement plans always seem to baffle me. I think an investment in neighborhood sidewalks would serve the citizens a lot better than a parking garage.

Anonymous said...

I believe there is a greater need for Monday through Friday daytime parking. When I worked downtown during the day it was sometimes difficult to find a "10-hr" parking spot. I could spend a good bit of time driving around trying to find a place to park, especially on Tuesdays with the Farmer's Market open. I've never had trouble finding parking at night.

Anonymous said...

Making Harrisonburg more pedestrian and bike friendly should be always one of the higher priorities, but planning for greater utilization of the downtown should also be at the top. A rich and vibrant downtown is a benefit to everyone.

Bubby said...

The great thing is that it would be easy to add decks to the existing parking structures. Assessing need is an easy task for any competent traffic surveyor. I'm also not averse to paying a parking fee during peak hours.

Carrie Ann Alford said...

Sometimes it takes an extra 5 minutes and walking 3 blocks to get to where I'm going, but that is no reason to shoehorn in more parking. Where would it go? The better solution is to work with some of the businesses downtown, like Court Sq. Presbyterian, Wachovia and Bank of America, to make it possible for anyone to park there outside of their business hours. I know some people do it now, but it always makes me nervous - there needs to be a clear sign that says anyone can park after 6 p.m. in those lots.