Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jobslessness - Time for CETA, again.

In the late seventies I was a young college grad in an economy that seemed every bit as bad as the current job market. Decent paying jobs were hard to find, and there were plenty of more experienced workers competing for those jobs. CETA saved me from the cheese line.

The Comprehensive Education and Training Act was the brainchild of President Carter's Administration. It's roots went back to Roosevelt's WPA. What CETA did was to pay for half of the salary of unemployed workers to do jobs in cash-strapped public agencies and non-profit organizations. It was a 12 month subsidy to provide critical job experience and help public agencies at the same time.

I worked hard, did good work, learned some great job skills, and spent every cent I made in the local economy. In his 1981 State of the Union address, President Carter reminded Americans that his focus on jobs growth had resulted in the addition of 9 million new jobs during his administration - nearly 10% growth in employment. It is time for a new CETA.


Anonymous said...

Unless President Carter and his administration were capable of time travel I don't believe CETA was his brainchild, considering the program started in 1973 (according to your own link).

Bubby said...

CETA was enacted in 1973 as a job skills training program. However the deep recession and high jobless rate of the late 1970's caused President Carter and Congress to radically alter the program - increasing funding for public-service employment by 700%. In fact jobs funding became 2/3 of the CETA budget.

You can find more about CETA here.