Monday, January 4, 2010

Operation Show We Care 2009 - Follow Up


We love our active duty military and wounded and veterans---
these people give up
years of their lives, their lives or years of impaired bodies---
how can we compete with their "generosity"???
During the Korean war I spent about 3 months 
in Newport Naval hospital with wounded Marines 
who were over run by the Chinese at the Yalu river
and marched and fought their way to the sea. 
I know the face of hero's  because I've seen theirs. 
From that experience I have only awe and
gratitude to those who fight the difficult fight 
in the name of our government---
regardless of the rightness or wrongness of the cause--
they do what they are told. 
I've run into one or two of them in Timberville,
would you believe that??  They still don't know they are hero's--

Please pass along our respect and regard to all of your people 
and to the family of Dr. Marrow (USN).

God bless all of you and thank you for your
gracious support, we will do our best to help the most 
deployed, wounded and veterans with what you have given.. 
The gift cards will be given to
the wounded at either Bethesda or Walter Reed thanks.

Thank you.

Barbara and George Lampron.. 
Broadway, VA 

Seven Generations
Here are the final totals for Operation Show We Care 2009:

Toiletries: 288 Items
Food: 986 Items (counting items which can be separated and given individually)
Misc Goods: 74 Items (Magazines, DVD movies, playing cards, chess, checkers etc…)
Children's Items: 172
Shampoos and Lotions: 208 Items

Alexa McDorman-William and Mary/Wilson Memorial High School
Matt Whitfield-William and Mary/Robert E. Lee High School
Ted Meyer- George Mason University/Spotswood High School
Biruk Haregu-James Madison/Harrisonburg High School
Ardalan Mahmood-James Madison/Harrisonburg High School
Yosif Rasul-James Madison/Harrisonburg High School
Dan Chavez-Northern Arizona/Oakwood High School
Greg Marrow-Marrow Family Eye Care
Christi Marrow-Marrow Family Eye Care
Cami Marrow
Caden Marrow
Dianne Fulk
Lowell Fulk

Special thanks to:
Bob and Marta Wilson of Rockingham County
Greg and Christi Marrow of Rockingham County
Darl and Sandy May of Rockingham County
Joe and Deb Fitzgerald of Harrisonburg
Harrisonburg League of Therapists
An anonymous donor from Houston, Texas

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