Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Choosing Team Obama... continued

Obama’s team of stars: Can he manage it?

Some inner-circle conflict can be of help to a president, but building a sense of teamwork will be key.

By Linda Feldmann | Staff writer / December 2, 2008 edition
Christian Science Monitor


President-elect Barack Obama has earned accolades from Democrats and Republicans alike for the high-powered national security and economic teams he has unveiled.

As a young and relatively inexperienced chief executive, Mr. Obama has assembled a group of advisers known more for their sterling credentials than for their loyalty to him. That alone speaks to a certain confidence on Obama’s part, a self-possession that was on regular display during the long presidential campaign. The selection of this team also shows a willingness to take risks, particularly his choice for secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, his bitter rival for the Democratic nomination. And it speaks to the grave nature of the times, with the US fighting two wars and mired in what economists predict will be a long, deep recession.

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