Monday, December 8, 2008

Hey Byrd Family - How Much You Want for That DNR Rag?

The folks over at Hburgnews are discussing the running embarrassment called the Daily News Record; our Byrd family run, rightwing-fool operated local newspaper. This is the newspaper of record for Rockingham County and the City of Harrisonburg, and it is unfit to represent the changing demographics of the area. And while the anonymous editors openly mocked Mr. Obama as an elitist hollywood loving terrorist appeasing Liberal Socialist, he still won the City. In fact he was elected by a 9 million vote margin nationwide, and 235,000 in Virginia - the biggest margin ever by a non-incumbent Presidential candidate.

The boys over at the DNR carefully monitor their circulation numbers, because it helps them command their advertising rates and stay alive. So here is modest proposal:

Kill your subscription. Just say no to rightwing propaganda.

You don't need it anyway. You can find news more quickly online, and search engines are more comprehensive. So just cut them off. And when the circulation numbers get bad enough, and the ad revenues sink away. We'll buy the DNR and run it like a real newspaper, in a city that deserves better.


Riley Murray said...

I thought Eightyone's Dec/Jan lead article did a nice job of comparing and contrasting our local papers.

Pretty clear the DNR didn't want to play nice with reporters -- 81 then pinned the right-wing label on them pretty darn well.

Hard to believe this relic of the old racist Byrd machine is still hanging on in neo-liberal Hburg

oops ... forgot you have a large gaggle of far-righties in Rock-Burg, never mind

Anonymous said...

Whats a matter, Bubby...did the news of Tribune filing bankruptcy and the NY Times having to mortgage their building make you decide to lash out? Does the imminent demise of these left-wing organs of the Democrat party make you feel threatened? Poor thing...

Joe the thinker said...

Way ahead of you. In fact, I started making fun of the Daily "News" Rag when I was in high school, long before I was a Democrat.

The DNR is basically Candid Comment in print form.

Bubby said...

Riley: It's sorta like the car business - hard to find a good investment in the print media right now. As more people come online, there is less need for the dead-tree version.

And baby-Byrd Tom doesn't appear to have a lick of sense - he started up a clunky online version of the DNR and then started charging for the lame thing!

With the exception of Jeff Mellott the place is a revolving door of freshmen writers more interested in their first job than the humiliation of working for the wingnut editors that run the place.

I constantly remind retailers and businesspeople that I don't read the DNR, and that they really should bring their business online through one of the local web builders like BlueKey. It is cheap, easy to administer, and makes you easy to find by search engine.

One of the great things about the Valley is that you can actually witness the last bellowing fits of a dying Republican party while building a bridge to the future right over top of their irrelevant bones. Really its good either way: Pick up the DNR at firesale prices once Byrd gets tired of the hassle and shuffles off to Florida, or continue to recruit progressive liberals on the back of the DNR hacks and their wingnuttery.

JFromer said...

I HATE the DNR! I've lived here almost 10 years and I can honestly say that I've read that pathetic rag 4 or 5 times. It's so loaded with propaganda and biased op-eds/cartoons that no wonder the retarded locals think the way they do. Call me old school but I believe in a democracy where the media is impartial so that the electorate can make educated decisions.

The DNR is the modern day republican version of PRAVDA.