Monday, December 22, 2008

KKK Couture - Aryan Outfitters

Looking for that perfect gift for your favorite Racist?

Give the gift that shows you Hate!

Seamstress of the Supremacists


Emmy said...

My dad tried to convince my mother she could make a living outfitting his group. Apparently it's hard to find a good hate group seamstress. Very disturbing.

unionman said...

This should be considered child abuse.

Cory said...

right on!
If the New Black Panthers can carry firearms in the streets legally, you should be able to sew a friggen hooded cape.

The VP said...

Rednecks, white trash and trailor bums can also (and often do) carry firearms in the streets legally. It makes up for their lack of testosterone. So what's your point?

Anonymous said...

I believe you will be hardpressed to find where a Klansman has committed a murder. There were several convicted after being retried after 40 yrs. and having been acquitted the first time. Klansman have caused little problem for anyone in our area although they are among us. However Blacks make up I believe 12% of our population and are responsible for over 55% of the murders in this country. With this kind of numbers should Blacks be considered a Hate Group?

JerryB said...

Another racist apologist comment debunked:

The following is a quote from the History Channel's video expose on the KKK,"the Klan burned fiery crosses to frighten its victims. Masked Klansmen also marched through the streets of many communities, carrying placards threatening various persons with summary punishment and warning others to leave town. Many persons were kidnapped, flogged, and mutilated by the Klan; a number were killed. Few prosecutions of Klansmen resulted, and in some communities they were abetted by local officials."

Everyone with half a brain understands why these murderers and intimidators were acquited "the first time."

Southern racists passing judgment on southern racists....hmm. acquitted? What a shocker!

Also, please supply your sources for your statistics on black crime. The worst rate I could find was 30% and that was on a conservative blog so you know its been fudged on the high side.

Besides, much, if not most, black crime is black-on-black, I would think that you'd love that!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that RACE is a subject that cannot be discussed? Every time blacks are singled out as possibly causing an inordinate percentage of societal problems for their population, the cry "racist", "bigot", goes up. All dialogue thus ceases.
Personally, I have found the History Channel often lacking in historical facts. They say they know the KKK committed murders. They had better to to the police with the information they have. Apparently they know of someone who must know something.
I use the U.S. Dept. of Justic statistics. From 1974 to 2004 they show that 52.1% of the homocides were committed by Blacks. Actually the 52.1% is low because Hispanics are included as White.
No matter where one stands on racial issues these are very high percentages. When one walks out of their house, be they racist or not, you still have to deal with this slaughter committed by Black men between the ages of 14 and 24.
It could be there are Klansman living near you who are concious of protecting their family and neighbors. Maybe not. Has anyone ever seen one?

patriot first said...

That is right!
The Klan is a loving peaceful group that promotes community safety.
We owe the Klan a great big thank you for protecting us when the demotraitors want to sell us down the creek.

Anonymous said...

Well said Patriot! Although for us in Harrisonburg it is really a mute issue. The last Klansman charged with murder here was, uhh, uhh...lets see maybe there could have been one charged with some crime one time??? As for the next obvious group with murder indictments and arrests in our town I'll leave it up to the readers imagination to fill that in..

JerryB said...

One of the many reasons why the south is so hated, demeaned and viewed as a bunch of appalachian, sister-lovin', road kill eatin', idiotic racists, is becaus of comments like yours.

Don't change bubbas...I love it, and I revel in northern superiority. You people make it soeasy to come up with southern jokes.

Anonymous said...

Now, Now. Be Kourteous, this is Klan Kountry. Two things always amaze me. You Yankees seems to always end up below the Mason-Dixon Line. And you can't seem to focus when it comes to talking about anything dealing with race. Think about it. The KKK is demonized, yet the reality is the chances of meeting an alien is probably better than you meeting a Klansman. Yet take a look at the murder and crime stories in the DNR in the last six months. In the South we have what we call "social graces". I ask that you present yourself in a more gentlemanly way sir.

JerryB said...

Ok Anon, I appreciate your humor. I do want to tell you a true story though that had a profound affect on me. Back in the late 1980's, whe I was living in Charleston SC, I was driving around with a friend who happenend to be black.

He was a good man, a hard worker. We were in the US Navy and both far from home. He always talked about his wife and would show pictures of his little girl to anyone who give him the time. We called him "Pops," he was probably about 6'5" and certainly had the capability to beat the crap out of just about anyone.
On this particular night we had gone out to dinner with some other sailors and was heading home. At the time, I lived in a small town several miles north of Charleston and instead of taking the interstate, I decided to take the back roads.

Several miles into the rural countryside, in an area that I wasn't familiar with, we came across a narrow road in the middle of nowhere, that had several cars and trucks parked on the side of the road. As I slowed down to navigate the road we both saw a huge flame shoot up from a field located to our right. The thing that I remeber most is the extreme fear in the eyes of this huge, compassionate black man. He began screaming at me to "get the hell out of here!" Now! He had seen something in the field, and something in the cares and trucks that scared the crap out of this guy.

Later he explained to me that we had just stumbled onto a KKK meeting. To this day I still don't know what he saw. On that day I decided that I never want to experience that fear again.

Pops was a decent man who was trying to better his life and that of his family. "Christian" human beings do not treat other humans that way. Period. No one deserves to be treated that way. No one.

I swear on a stack of Bibles that this is a true story.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your story Jerry. I have no doubt at all you are telling the truth. No person, whatever their race should live in fear. While some take exception to the path I have chosen, I have dedicated my life to trying to bring about a "peaceful" kingdom here on God's earth..."thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven". This includes ALL people.
I apologize for the Anonymous. I had trouble on this blog getting my usual Watchman identity on it. I no longer am using Watchman and now use a more real Jimmy L. I would like to be able to meet and talk with some of the bloggers who have strong opinions. Personal contact sometimes makes for friends even if there is differences of opinions. And, I am grateful God has brought Yankees to the Promised bless.

Anonymous said...

For shame that Mother Jones is making Kluxer robes for kids .Not for long though , it will be illegal under President Obama's administration . If a young person want to join the klan will have to be 21 years old under a new federal law . I'm sorry about this but it will be nothing that Kluxers can do .

Anonymous said...

i think everyone should get along we all are going to live on the earth together why not get along it just makes it better for everyone to get along what kind of example are we setting for the new generation

Anonymous said...

I'm not a racist or nothing, but I really want a klan robe.

Anonymous said...

I'm not racist, either. I DO have a Klan robe. We just want to be left alone to be white. Most of us don't hate everyone else. If your black, you can say black power, associate together, condemn white people...and it's okay. If you are Hispanic, you can join La Raza, associate together, condemn white people...and it's alright. If you are white, associate together, and talk about white interests or concerns at a are a hate mongering, terroristic, Aryan, PoS, redneck, white trash, scumbag racist??? I have a BA Degree (cum Laude), am the President & CEO of an international industrial chemical company, a 10th generation Tennessean, and I am not damned trailer trash...nor has my family EVER been. At the firing on Fort Sumter, my ancestor was Gov of SC. My family migrated here on the 2nd ship after the Mayflower (the Polly), in the late 1700s-early 1800s, my ancestors were slave owners...that is not my fault.

Before you blame someone for something their ancestors did 200 years prior, you need to read up on your own heritage. Read up on how the Northern states NEVER passed legislation to free slaves, except Maine in 1898 for the war recruitment effort.

Did you know 10,000 black men were pressed into service in the Union Army, but 40,000 black men volunteered for the CSA Army? Did you know in 1839, the TN State Legislature was composed of more than 1/3 black men, who were doctors, lawyers and merchants? Did you know that Abraham Lincoln would go under Army escort to indian reservations often for the express purpose of sexual gratification with indian girls against their will? Down south, we call that rape.

Search the historical record for yourself.

Read the book, "The South was Right," by the Kennedy Bothers...especially if you are Black. It should be required reading for every black family IN AMERICA. Take it from a Klansmen (or the historical record), if you are Black you have been severely lied to by your northern "friends."

The fact is, if the North had stayed in the North and minded their own damned business, the 5-15% (depending on the state) of slaves would have been a mute point within a few years, everything would have been fine, and there would have never been a KKK. There would have not been a need for it. BUT, your Northern ancestors had to declare marshal law and institute the "Reconstruction"...yeah, read all about that. The Reconstruction was used to send all the northern blacks to the south, because you didn't want them up there. The black families that moved from the south to the north were charged a fee to migrate into your beloved northern lands..and then most were denied jobs in the north. Why? Because they were black! They didn't take the 40 acres and a mule deal. Many returned back to the south. Read up on it, it's all in the historical record.

If my ancestors were from the North, I believe I would just shut the h*ll up and not let anyone know it. You ruined our world, for both whites and blacks. It was not about slavery or racism, it was about industrial greed and profit. It is happening again in the industrial sector just like before. You will NOT do it again!
We WILL prevent it.

The comments about the ignorant South show your ignorance. If we are so dumb, why is it Northern and Western businesses keep relocating to the South? Maybe, just maybe, it just is not so great to live in the Socialist North and West Coast anymore. You did a fine job with your socialist reforms in Detroit and many other northern cities. What hallmarks of success! And you want to tell us how to do anything?

If you love the North, do us all a favor...stay there. We'll all be better for it!!!

KM Entire A

Anonymous said...

P.S. Cute little Southern Gentleman in the picture. Nice flag on your sleeve there, buddy! wear it means your not a Socialist.

Anonymous said...

i personally hate niggers. they are nasty as fuck.