Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Electric Car is Back!!!

The Electric Car ran into much resistance a decade ago from the Bush administration, auto makers and oil companies. Here is a good documentary on the subject, watch for screening parties after Christmas.
Who Killed the Electric Car?

Now it appears that there are people who didn't give up on the idea!
The Telsa is a high dollar revolutionary automobile which is now being marketed, but it is also said to be expensive and impractical (like most any sports car) for use by we regular folks for everyday commuting.
What it feels like to drive the Telsa

The exciting news is that there are people again working on establishing the infrastructure capacity to make electric cars workable for the everyday user!

Hawaii Endorses Plan for Electric Cars

SAN FRANCISCO — The State of Hawaii and the Hawaiian Electric Company on Tuesday endorsed an effort to build an alternative transportation system based on electric vehicles with swappable batteries and an “intelligent” battery recharging network.
The plan, the brainchild of the former Silicon Valley software executive Shai Agassi, is an effort to overcome the major hurdles to electric cars — slow battery recharging and limited availability.

By using existing electric car technologies, coupled with an Internet-connected web of tens of thousands of recharging stations, he thinks his company, Better Place L.L.C. of Palo Alto, Calif., will make all-electric vehicles feasible.

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Bubby said...

Michael Moore, the documentary maker, and son of a son of a car builder has a scathing commentary on the Big 3 up on his site.

"You might assume from this that I couldn't give a rat's ass about these miserably inept crapmobile makers down the road in Detroit city. But I do care. I care about the millions whose lives and livelihoods depend on these car companies. I care about the security and defense of this country because the world is running out of oil -- and when it runs out, the calamity and collapse that will take place will make the current recession/depression look like a Tommy Tune musical."

Essentially he says that the total value of GM is $3 Billion, so why should the government give them $35 Billion? And he notes that the fools that run these corporations will just waste that money. So Moore suggests that we simply buy GM like we did the passenger rail system back in the 70's and launch on building the kind of transportation equipment that serves the national interest.

"In contrast, yesterday General Motors presented its restructuring proposal to Congress. They promised, if Congress gave them $18 billion now, they would, in turn, eliminate around 20,000 jobs. You read that right. We give them billions so they can throw more Americans out of work. That's been their Big Idea for the last 30 years -- layoff thousands in order to protect profits. But no one ever stopped to ask this question: If you throw everyone out of work, who's going to have the money to go out and buy a car? "

It's a good read!

Rockdem said...


The text I removed from here was an advertisement for auto loans, not a real comment.


ZAP Alias said...

The electric car is back and it is here to stay! Many new, technologically advanced and futuristic, long range EVs are going to be seen on the roads before long.