Saturday, December 6, 2008

Roanoke Nazi Locked Up in Chi-town.

Looks like Christmas arrived early for the good people of Roanoke - Roanoke's resident White Supremacist and leader of the American National Socialist Workers Party (read: Nazi) Bill White has gotten himself locked up in a Federal detention facility in Chicago until his trial next year.

It appears that Ol' Bill took it a bridge too far by posting the address of a Chicago juror whom he didn't like, suggesting that his followers do what Bill was too chickshit to do himself. Then, just before the election Bill White was preparing to print a magazine with a cover depicting President-Elect Obama in the cross-hairs of a rifle scope (swasticka cross-hairs, no less), and the caption: "Kill this N__ger". A Roanoke judge locked White up in October, and he was transferred to Chicago where he was found to be a threat and held without bond.

...a forensic psychiatrist who examined White testified Friday that he does not pose a threat. The 31-year-old's inflammatory online postings were just a way for him to vent frustration, according to Dr. James Corcoran.

In May, when White hinted online that he was capable of mass murder, he was depressed about the illness of his wife and their newborn daughter, he told the psychiatrist.

But as [judge] Hibbler pointed out in his decision, White was making disturbing posts long before those events.

An evaluation of White found no signs of major mental illness. But he does have a personality disorder, Corcoran said.

White's personality has both histrionic and narcissistic features -- often evident from his blog postings, which go on at great length about himself and his controversial, but self-described, roles in high-profile current events.

It occurs to me that this kind of pointy-headed thinking could have been offered up about Adolf Hitler...just before he found a dumb-ass hateful rabble willing to blame someone else for their troubles. Of course by then, no one was listening to Neville Chamberlain, or anyone else who had made excuses for Hitler.

White has been a thorn in the side of Virginia ever since he wandered into Roanoke a few years ago on the mistaken notion that he had a home-base for white supremacy here. Wrong. Move along Nazi-boy. We left too many good Americans on the beaches and the fields of Europe - putting an end to the 1000 year Reich. There is no tolerance for your agenda.

(The Roanoke Times has done a spectacular job of spotlighting the doings of Mr. White, despite his many attempts to incite retribution against their reporters. Follow the link above to see the course of events)


Brent Finnegan said...

Bill White (ironic name) was the one behind bullying the Little Grill to close down their anti-racism show last year.

He also left a comment on this hburgnews story -

The Valley Progressive said...

I've blogged against him several times. its great to see the SOB locked up before he really hurts someone.

You certainly don't need to be a forensic psychiatrist to diagnose his histrionic and narcissistic behavior, just read the bile he spews.

The Valley Progressive said...

One thing that is kinda scary though is that while in prison White (and his "little Hitler"), is now going to get introduced to the really hardcore, violent white supremists.

The History Channel has a series called "Gangland" (which I'm addicted to) that dedicated an episode to the neo-nazi/white supremacy movement in this country. They interviewed several who were behind bars and it was scary.

Anonymous said...

So you say White is now going to get introduced to the violent white supremesists and you feel that a non violent protestor should be put in this position.

You, Valley Progressive, are a very sick mentally deranged individual. Someone verbally offends you and you think they should be locked up for it. You are clearly mentally unstable and a possible danger to society and you are the one who needs to be locked up.

The last statement is a lie. The so called threat on Obama was related to a magazine he published where the headlilne on the top of the magazine said "Kill This Nigger" with a target around his head.

As far as the writeup goes, It appears that you have intentionally taken the "Kill this Nigger" part out of context to serve your personal views.

Just below this the sub head said the Obama assassination myth and all throughout the magazine it talked about the fact that white supremesists do not want to kill Obama and this falsehood was completely fabricated by the Obama campaign for sympathy votes.