Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Death of Bi Partisan Redistricting in Committee

HB 1685

Bi Partisan Redistricting

Delegate Brink Calls Timing of Vote into question

Committee Chair, "This is how we do business."

Delegate Landes Angry, Wants No Part of Bi Partisan Redistricting

House Minority Leader Armstrong responds

HB 1685

Bi Partisan Redistricting

Killed in Committee by Republicans like Delegate Steve Landes

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Anonymous said...

I was at this committee 7am on a national holiday??? The room was so packed I was outside and couldn't hear what was going on so I am overly amazed to find it on here. I did see numerous video cameras in the room and I do feel that the overwhelming turnout of the public along with the cameras did have an impact on how it went down. It wasn't a surprise this was voted down, but we will see it again. This year I am part of a group that was brought on by the Dem. Caucus to attend EVERY committee meeting, and sub committee. We are recording votes and making sleazy moves by the Republicans (suck as a 7am committee meeting) well known. What we do need are some proactive constituents from this area make their ways Richmond and lobby on behalf of important bills. I work in a delegates office and deal see first hand the impact constituents really do have on how a delegate votes.