Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What Happened Yesterday

America gained +40 Million rock-ribbed citizens - those people who have for many years referred to themselves as "African-Americans" to distinguish their American slave ancestry, and a continuing outsider status. Those people whose long perspective allowed them to know that laws do not bring respect, or power. Those people who saw their opportunities challenged, and the limitless span of the American Dream not available to inspire their children.

Those people assembled on the National Mall to witness the event that marked The Change. And they were joined by others who were just glad and joyous to see the page turned on America's most bitter legacy. You could have heard a pin drop as Barack Obama spoke the Presidential Oath of Office. It was a momentus day for America, 40 million fully empowered Patriots can now confidently share the Dream. Barack Obama has called their children to service and they will now aspire to the highest office. The torch is blazing bright and it lights better days ahead.


riza said...

hi I visited your blog today

An honest American said...

under the What Happened Yesterday title should be this article. Looks like they get back into the game when they are let go. Kinda like criminal immigrants that continue to harm the US.

Bubby said...

Back in the game...or recruited by torture under the American flag? But never mind that, Bush released this guy, so he must have been harmless right?