Tuesday, January 27, 2009

VA Energy Consumption Higher Than Most States

Virginia's an energy hog, compared with other states. It doesn't have to be that way.

...energy consumption, per person, is higher in Virginia than in a couple of dozen other states.

Higher even than places where you'd expect the cold to drive up heating bills, and with them per-capita consumption. Virginia uses much more energy per person than Vermont, New Hampshire, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and other points north.

Higher even than places where you'd expect the heat to drive up air-conditioning bills. Virginia uses more energy per person than Florida, Arizona or Hawaii.

Some high-flying examples: Virginia's consumption per person is 62 percent higher than in Rhode Island, 49 percent higher than California. That suggests that the recommendation by the governor's Commission on Climate Change, that Virginia reduce per-capita consumption by 19 percent by 2025, is doable.

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Joe Manion said...

We are a pretty wasteful state. Maybe we should pay more attention to things like this and less to telling women what to do.

An honest American said...

Lowell, as I like to sit in my yard, even on pleasant afternoons, our neighbors never open their windows and their heat pumps run constantly. It seems 74 seems to be their ideal in house temperature.