Saturday, January 31, 2009

Predatory Lending -vs- Overdraft Charges?

I don't necessarily agree with the following opinion, but the author does raise a good issue where I do find agreement. Read the column, then come back and vote.

The ultimate irony is that while some loan options are coming under assault, policymakers have stood idly by while young Americans have begun overdrawing their bank accounts at an alarming rate -- a "borrowing" habit that actually costs more than any other conceivable short-term loan. According to a recent study from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., a two-week, $1 overdraft at many banks can result in a $37 fee, a staggering 96,200 percent APR.

Read the column then come back and vote in the poll.

You may select more than one.

What is your opinion on predatory lending and overdraft fees?
I support restricting interest rates which lending institutions may charge.
I believe lending institutions should be allowed to charge whatever the market will bear.
I believe high overdraft fees compound the problem unfairly.
I believe overdraft fees are necessary to punish people who are irresponsible.
I believe banks and lending institutions have helped create this economic crisis and should be better regulated.
I believe we should leave the banks and lending institutions alone and let the free market take care of itself.
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Belle Rose said...

More info on payday and title loan predators and gutless legislators.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this site Lowell.

The VP said...

If you ever get the chance, watch the movie "The Corporation." It quite beautifully explains why predatory lending exists, why we are in the 2nd worse economic crisis in our history, and why Laissez Faire, market controlled capitalism does not work.