Friday, January 23, 2009

VA Politics: Transportation

Two transportation bills to be introduced today

Two Hampton Roads delegates plan to unveil tax proposals today that they say would raise $1.75 billion to help meet a budget shortfall without cutting so deeply into public services.

Del. Kenny Alexander, D-Norfolk, said he and Del. Kenneth Melvin, D-Portsmouth, plan to introduce bills that would:

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May sponsors new transportation resolution

A resolution introduced in the House of Delegates on Wednesday taps two big names to set long-range goals for transportation improvements statewide.

Former Virginia Govs. Gerald Baliles and George Allen would co-chair a proposed transportation commission, the brainchild of Rep. Frank Wolf, R-10th.

Wolf said the commission would focus on sweeping recommendations across different modes of transportation so the state will "be poised when we come out of the [recession]."

Wolf first pitched the idea in December, and said it should be modeled after the Iraq Study Group, which also included leaders across party lines. Wolf sent a letter to Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine on Thursday seeking his support.

"I think people want to see a bipartisanship to kind of remove this from the political process," Wolf said.

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1 comment:

Justine said...

It's nice to see that someone, somewhere, in the General Assembly wants to deal with something other than telling women what to do. What a joke our valley legislators are.
A really bad joke on the area.