Monday, January 12, 2009

Virginia Politics 2009 - Budget

"This is a tough budget where you have to make tough decisions to do what is best for the commonwealth," says Gov. Timothy M. Kaine.

$2.9 billion budget battle ahead for Virginia General Assembly

The General Assembly's job this winter is to inflict pain.

Virginia is short $2.9 billion needed to balance its recession-racked budget, and the chasm is expected to grow. Gov. Timothy M. Kaine has proposed cutting money for public schools, colleges and health care, in addition to doubling the cigarette tax.

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Valley Legislators Find Themselves a Quandary

Del. Landes touts Commonwealth Center at meeting

Landes said he hopes legislators “can minimize the cuts to public education as much as possible.” Still, public education and mental health compose a large part of the budget, making cuts likely, Landes said.

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Valley Delegates Oppose Tax Hikes

"In a recession, it does not make sense to add to the burden," Landes told Ferrara, of Elkton, and others at Saturday's meeting.

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An honest American said...

C'mon Lowell, where is the story about O's appointment of the bastard that cant do his own taxes but yet O wants to appoint him to treasury chief...If this clown is the ONLY guy that knows TARP, then how can he not know the tax code?

I'm starting to feel this blog is like "news" you'll cover it when it is convenient to your party line.

I thought you were above that.

Lowell said...

Please feel free to post whatever you find which you feel important to discuss. Honestly, I am struggling with finding time to keep the blog up to date due to an increasing amount of stuff going on in my life now, including great new business and political opportunities so I would sincerely appreciate any effort you might be willing to put forward regarding your concerns.

Lowell said...

And while you're at it Frank, please take a moment to go over the last several posts on my blog and let me know how I am toeing party line?
I post about the things I care about, like being free from the security risk of dependence on our enemies for our energy, actually maintaining our country's infrastructure, things like that.

An honest American said...

Lowell, if you put forth such a great effort to get Obama elected, how is it that such problems don't get the same coverage like the faults of our past president?

You know I enjoy talking to you but it seems that no one else on this site would ever mention the problems the Dems are having now...having to cover up the Hiccups of tax lies.

I was really hoping that someone else would respond...I can only imagine how busy you really are. I am glad you got Chair again, your party needs you, especially now that "news" won't cover the "news" anymore, since Brent left full time blogging.

Do you really think that we, as a nation, were that bad off with Bushwacker at the helm.

I have free time Thursday, wanna do lunch somewhere, I think I may have forgotten why we are friends...leave a reply here or I'll call you in the 10-11 am time block....wheer is christa when we need a logical person?

Lowell said...

Do you have most Thursdays available?

"I think I may have forgotten why we are friends..."

I haven't.