Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Joe the Plumber and Other Fairy Tales

From the Wall Street Journal

The "perception of reality," on the other hand, is an amazing political tonic, and with it conservatives have cemented a factproof worldview of lasting power. It is simply this: Conservatives are authentic and liberals are not. The country is divided into a land of the soulful, hard-working producers and a land of the paper-pushing parasites; a plain-spoken heartland and the sinister big cities, where they breed tricky characters like Barack Obama, all "eloquence," as John McCain sneered in last week's presidential debate, but hard to pin down.

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Right Field said...

As a closet gay man in HB, I like Joe the plumber.

Renee said...

I was perusing the McCain website to see what they had up there, and a news feed title caught my eye:

'Sarah's One Of Us'

Wondering what that meant, I clicked to read the article, which was full of quotes from people that identify with Palin and loved hearing from her at an event. It ended with this:

"And she stands up for women -- not females -- but real women who raise children."

WTF? I could understand if some rogue news organization put that up on their blog, but this is an official campaign news article on how could I spend less than 4 minutes on his site and already come away offended?

Anyway, just wanted somewhere to vent and this seemed like as good a place as any :)

The VP said...

I know that this question is rhetorical but I must ask, are you really suprised considering the GOP is such a rascist and chauvenistic party?