Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Which McCain is for real?

When the books are written dissecting this campaign, the historic nature of the Obama and Clinton candidacies might even be overshadowed by the strange odyssey of John McCain, who within a year has gone from maverick, to reformer, to nominee, to prevaricator, to ultimate collapse and disaster.

A week ago he blundered that the fundamentals of the economy are strong. Oh really? A few days later on "60 Minutes" he was all for supporting a government bailout. The next day, he was against it; then he wants to fire the chair of the SEC, then he calls the SEC the FEC, then he wants to have a government commission, the usual graveyard of good ideas, created to study the problem. When that doesn't fly, he "suspends" his campaign and goes to Washington so he can concentrate on the crisis, even though they seem to be doing fine without him. All of this while his poll numbers are tanking.

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