Monday, October 20, 2008

Who is Sarah Palin? Why is no one asking?

What does Sarah Palin believe? She stands to be President of the United States, the most destructively powerful nation which has ever existed. What do you know about what she believes, and what she hopes to bring about?

Who is Sarah Palin? My former party, the GOP and John McCain, has sold its soul and maybe our existence, to have power over the world.

Take the time to watch this video, and then ask yourself.
I know. I didn't leave the Republican party, the Republican party left me. For greed of power.


Anonymous said...

What a scary mentality! This is what the Republicans want in charge of the country? Someone who believes that if they start a war with Russia that it would be God's will? That she is the voice of God?

Anonymous said...

Don't have time to watch this carefully at the moment. Don't know if it got into Palin the Dominionist New Apostolic Revival--if not, read this:

Anonymous said...

You people are morons, plain and simple.

brooke said...

To me there is a very, very big difference between being someone who believes that Christ will return to take his people home, and being ready, and being the type of people who are going around making (I think) VERY dangerous and foolish assumptions about what's going on.

People have been convinced they were in the "end times" since the time of early church. And throughout the ages, many have missed the point entirely. The point is not to be running around like little Biblical conspiracy theorists, analyzing and over analyzing every little things to trying to figure out who the anti-christ is (or if he's even around yet), when exactly Christ will return, or worse yet making our decisions based on what we think will somehow hasten Christ's return (which we do NOT decide, and have nothing to do with).

That's not only a foolish way to live the Christian life, but I'm convinced it's a distraction from what we ARE supposed to be doing. The point of "being ready" is to simply not to be so tied to this life and the temporal. That includes making the best use of the time we have - whether that be 1 day or a thousand years - to show the love of Christ to others. And part of that is also being good stewards of our time and resources while here. The point is to live out the Gospel, share the truth in love, and be ready, should Christ return in our lifetime.

The crap that gets lumped in with Revelation and teachings on Christ's return absolutely sickens me. And absolutely none of those teachings involve being quick to enter into wars, or taking a massive dump on the environment because we somehow think we're getting ready to leave, and it doesn't matter. It matters, and we will be called to give account of how we squandered the resources we were given - both time as well as the environment. We still have to be good stewards of the earth God has entrusted us with.

So no, it doesn't bother me that Sarah believes in the Rapture, because *I* believe in the Rapture. What bothers me is how Sarah, and people who believe like her, misuse those teachings to further political agendas that I think have nothing whatsoever to do with God, in the name of God. It's the ultimate blasphemy, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

But, nobody asked you Brooke. So, next time, spare everyone the dissertation, huh?

brooke said...

Just giving a different take. Last time I checked, no one asked any of our opinions. ;-)

Rockdem said...


Thank you for your well considered opinion. I appreciate your thoughtful and reasoned approach to issues.

I find your perspective refreshing, and your opinion is always welcome.


brooke said...

Thanks, Lowell. I will try to keep it briefer though, next time. :-p

Anonymous said...

So let me understand here. Its o.k. to question Palin's religous beliefs, but don't dare breath a word against the church Obama attended for the last 20 YEARS. I'm not a Pentacostal but my beliefs are closer aligned with Palins then the racist hate filled church that Obama attended.

So are all liberals agnostic??

brooke said...

Look, I listened to the whole sermon in question, and while I certainly did not agree with everything said, or how it was said, I understood the point that was being made by Rev. Wright. I didn't see it in any way being hate filled. Angry. Sure. Hate filled? Nope. If you listen to the ENTIRE sermon, not just the sound bytes most people heard, he was basically saying if we fail to recognize and learn from and rectify the injustices that our country has been and in some cases is guilty of that we will not be blessed by God, we will be damned. Kind of hard to argue with that, Biblically.

Secondly, I think the point people are making is, if the right is going to keep harping and harping and harping on Rev. Wright (which obviously some still are) then Palin's church and its views are fair game as well, especially as they shape her politics.

In my mind, politics and foreign policy formed by End Times conspiracy theories and Dominion Theology is WAY scarier and carries with it WAY more serious consequences than Rev. Wrights fire and brimstone sermons.

As for the claims that they don't allow whites in Rev. Wright's church, well, that is just not true. I would like to suggest that you check out what had to say about some of the things floating around about Trinity Church of Christ.

brooke said...

(And no, I am *anything* but an agnostic)

Anonymous said...

Who said not to criticize Obama's church? Oh, yeah, I guess that would have been John McCain. Apparently, McCain not only can't control the Republican Party in North Carolina, he can't even control his own running mate. Or else he's changed his mind. So, I'd say it looks like the gloves are off for everybody now.

“ In what is becoming almost weekly protocol, Sen. McCain condemned officials his own party for going over the line in attacking Barack Obama.
This time the North Carolina Republican party has launched a new TV spot tying local Democrats who support Obama to incendiary remarks made by the Democrat’s longtime preacher, Jeremiah Wright.
"We called and asked them not to run that message. It’s not the message of the Republican Party. It’s not the message of my campaign. I’ve pledged to conduct a respectful campaign,” McCain said during a press conference Wednesday. “I can’t dictate to them but I want to be the candidate of everybody. I want to be the candidate of Republicans and Democrats and Independents and people across the political spectrum and I think that by traveling America and listening and learning as well as portraying my vision for the future, I’m going to attract a large number of independents and democrats into our cause because right now the cause is America and right now the cause is that Americans want us to work together to solve these enormous challenges that we face today.”

Anonymous said...

Click here for another video about Palin's church