Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Think about this

A SNL skit (yet) to be seen:

Scene 1:

President Palin with the generals, with her finger on the trigger for launching the Nukes to Russia:

General 1: "We are on the brink. Madam President.

Pick up the red phone and talk to Putin!"

Palin: "That would be blinking!

God made me president for a reason!!"

(launches Nukes to Russia)

"Its so exciting to be following GOD's PLAN for Armageddon.

The Rapture will be so much fun! Just think, billions of Chinese, Indians, Muslims,

(and don't you just love it), the Jews go to Hell!

And me and my Christians friends go to Heaven!"

Scene 2:

There is no scene 2.

(ht to bruce a.)


Mason said...

Wow. I don't pretend to like the idea of a Palin presidency either, but you're really taking things past the limits of decency here. You can't honestly believe that anyone would blithely annhilate the world to fit in with a Christian-dispensationalist view? Satire is one thing, but I'd be pretty offended if SNL actually did a skit like this.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, pretty despicable post. If something like that was on Republitarian or a conservative blog, Lowell and his lib friends would have their panties in a wad. Its on his blog, though, so they have nothing to say about it. Pathetic...

brooke said...

I'm sorry, but even I think this is a little over the line, Lowell. (*ducking*) I'm not a fan of some of Palin's theology, and in NO way a fan of the idea of her being a heartbeat away from the Presidency, but I do think this is kind of an unfair characterization.

Hard Right Rudder said...

Liberals have lines of decency? Ah truly ahm shooocked.

The Valley Progressive said...

Before you folks get too worked up with your religocentric niavity, you need to read more about the Christian Zionist Movement, and in particular, Christians United for Israel. Its founder, John Hagee, has written several amegeddon themed books on the subject, the last one called "Jerusalem Countdown."

The VP said...

The aforementioned group, Christians United for Israel, are very powerful in Texas politics and some of the members, including Hagee, were "consultants" for the White House on Mid-East policy. You're nuts if you don't see the not-so-subtle reality of this.

Anonymous said...

some of you need to read more. listen to people when they talk.
they'll tell you if you listen.
they've convinced themselves that these are the end times and are willing to hurry things up to bring the second coming.
when they say live like there's no tomorrow, they mean it. anything left when the world ends was wasted in their minds. the world is about to end so why should we care about pollution? etc...

Mason said...

I realize that there are Christian theologians who think we're living in the end times, and that there will be a great war at a particular place literally named Armageddon. I have never heard of any such leader advocate taking steps to bring about this battle. And I seriously doubt that Palin holds such a view.

I think the author of this post is about as nutty as someone who thinks that Obama is a closet Muslim terrorist who's somehow planning on bringing about the downfall of our country. It's about as believable.

Guess they're on both sides this year.

Anonymous said...

Fast forward to 6:00 minutes into this video to see and hear AIP vice chair Dexter Clark discuss Sarah Palin as a member of the Alaska Independence Party and then discuss how she joined the Republican party in order to move into higher offices and continue the Alaska Independence Party's agendas.

The Valley Progressive said...

Its not just theologians, its The majority of America’s 60 million evangelicals who are premillenial dispensationalists. They believe that the end times could come at any moment, and they’re looking for signs of that, so they’re sympathetic to supporting Israel for these reasons.

This is the Republican base. This is the only component of the Republican base that still supports Bush’s policies in Iraq without question, unconditionally, and supports Israel’s expansionism.

That's what makes this so scary.

Anonymous said...

And once again, the yellow liberals defend this garbage. Listen to Mason...he's no right-wing nutjob. The post is ridiculous...where ya at, Lowell? You too busy running around conservative blogs wagging that finger to bother with the filth on your own blog?

The Valley Progressive said...

Anon, I know that it makes you feel better as a man (presumed on my part), to keep your head in the sand, but you really need to take the time to do due diligence. This stuff is well documented all over the internet, and books have been written on the subject. reading your post I'd like to say grow up, but I know it will never happen. You have ABSOLUTELY NO credibility challenging this site considering the Springer trash that you spew on your site.

Mason said...

Valley Progressive, I find myself amazed that Palin's evangelical faith would be sufficient grounds to make these outlandish claims, but fine... whatever. It's 'all over the internet' after all.

At least you didn't resort to name-calling when I called it the way I saw it, and that shows a genuine desire for discussion that is to be commended. Not that it's saying a lot, but you have more class than John Doe at The Mud Pit.

I really hate what election time does to our country every 4 years, and I'll be very glad when this one is over.

The Valley Progressive said...

I couldn't agree with you more, our presidential electoral process, which used to be an example of democracy fo the world to emulate, has become an exibition of power greed and an american embarassment.

As for my comments about the Christian Zionist Movement, I think we got our messages crossed. I was not, in any way shape or form, implying that Palin is a part of that. All I was trying to say was that that movenment is out there, and becoming politically involved, and I think that as Americans we need to be weary.

Anonymous said...

VP, if you don't see a problem with posting that Palin wants to start Armageddon, in part to wipe out the Jews, then fine. You know what else is on the Internet? The guy who claims to have had sex with Obama and snorted cocaine with him. You know what else? Obama's g/f he stashed in the Caribbean, and Michelle Obama's 'Black Power' writings, and PROOF that Obama is not only a Muslim but that he funded terrorists. Whatever "site" I'm supposed to belong to, maybe I'll start posting that stuff.

The Valley Progressive said...

Please read my following post where I stated that I did not believe that Gov. Palin was guilty of some insidious plan to create armegedon. What I did say was that "its out there."

As for your attempt to discredit info on the web, I assure you that I take my info from credible sources just as, I'm sure, you do.

Mason said...

VP, you'll forgive me if I thought you were trying to connect Palin with the Christian Zionist movement of Hagee. The context of your comments made it seem that was the case. I'm glad you weren't.

Is "GOP left me" too embarrassed to respond to the criticisms he (or she) has received as a result of this post?

Anonymous... even if you want to keep your identity secret, why not at least choose a nickname that the rest of us can use so that we know when we're talking to you instead of someone else? It's annoying trying to discuss anything with 'Anonymous'. You clearly recognize some of the people here, but none of us knows for sure who you are.

Gene Hart said...

GOP Left Me,

A little over the top, buddy.

When they say we aren't real Americans, just smile and work a little harder for a blue VA.

When they say we are socialists or communists, just smile and help another neighbor to get to the polls for change in VA.

When they call us "traitors," just smile, turn the other cheek and send Barak/Mark/Sam/Esther/Kai/David/Richard/Bill another couple of bucks.

We don't need to engage in Frederick-like tactics to make this happen. The issues and ideas and energy is on our side. That should and will be enough to see us through.

Gene Hart said...

"are" on our side. Jeez, when will I learn to edit before sending?

The Valley Progressive said...

To quote Stephen Colbert, "I accept your apology." :-) I should have paid more attention to the context of my post.

To Mr. Hart,
Your post is progressive and refreshing, as much as many of us try to "turn the other cheek" and "change one mind at at time," please forgive us our trespasses as sometimes the effort is quite overwhelming.

Gene Hart said...

Understood! But because it is difficult to avoid the provocation, reasoned and reasonable responses to our opponents carry that much more weight.

Anonymous said...

"Conservative radio talk show host and author, Paul McGuire has asked the question, “Are Sarah Palin and John McCain “trigger happy” for an Armageddon-style military conflict in the Middle East?” McGuire bases his question on statements made by John McCain who promised to follow Osama bin Laden to the “gates of hell,” and Sarah Palin having apocalyptic Evangelical religious beliefs which sees America’s involvement in Iraq as ordained by God.” McGuire added, “If Barack Obama was investigated because of the beliefs of his pastor Rev. Wright, than why should Sarah Palin be exempt from the public understanding what her pastors teach and believe."


GOP Left Me said...

Lowell doesn't tell me what I can and cannot write and I appreciate the latitude. I didn't post the hypothetical SNL skit that I found recently in an attempt to be funny.
I don't think it's funny at all.
I do think that Palin's world view is very important. By her own admission her world view is strongly shaped by her church.
When asked in interview about Georgia being welcomed into Nato's protection if she realized it may well mean going to war with Russia she indicated that she did understand and is okay with the implications. McCain is okay with the idea too. We don't need another cold war and we sure as heck don't need a nuclear confrontation with Russia.
This is where we are heading currently and McCain/Palin seem bent on pushing the issue.

I grew up during a time where the possibility of an atomic war was considered real enough that we had designated fallout shelters which were fully supplied and prepared.

The Cuban Missile Crisis isn't something I read about in history books, I remember when it was taking place.

We're putting "advisers" in Georgia and goading them into aggressive moves to provoke Russia, putting warships into Georgian ports, and the Russians are now landing nuclear capable bombers in Venezuela and beginning to give Chavez military aid and selling them main battle tanks.

Like Cafferty said, if she doesn't scare the hell out of you, she should.

Anonymous said...

GLM, he may not tell you what you should post, but he needs to start. You're not just talking about Palin's worldview...you were smearing her, making cracks that she wanted to kill Jews and all that. The fact you actually believe the filth you wrote says more about you than it ever will about the Governor.

The Common Man said...

As usual you're quite the pretentious, hypocritical ass. Imagine you, calling out others for smears. It'd be funny if you weren't so pathetic.