Friday, October 3, 2008

Maverick Surrenders Michigan

I was waiting to see if anyone else was going to bring this up but they haven't so here it is:

EAST LANSING, Mich. - Republican presidential candidate John McCain conceded battleground Michigan to the Democrats on Thursday, GOP officials said, a major retreat as he struggles to regain his footing in a campaign increasingly dominated by economic issues.

These officials said McCain was pulling staff and advertising out of the economically distressed Midwestern state. He also canceled a visit slated for next week. Michigan, with 17 electoral votes, voted for Democrat John Kerry in 2004, but Republicans had poured money into an effort to try to place it in their column this year.

The decision marked the first time either McCain or his Democratic rival, Barack Obama, has tacitly conceded a traditional battleground state in a race for the White House with little more than a month remaining.

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Emmy said...

I think this is always a bad idea. What you are saying to the voters in that state who are planning to vote for you, or who are undecided, is sorry we don't really care about your vote.

Bubby said...

It's the economy. No state is feeling the downturn in the economy more than the manufacturing states. Cars aren't selling, fuel costs are destroying transportation and with it much of Michigan's economy.

After Michigan's non-farm employment increased under Bill Clinton...the total number of jobs has decreased during every year of the Bush administration These people are full up on "Conservative Republican" economic "theory". They never saw the wall street boom.

It will take more than a pretty smile and a wink. Mavericks gambling with a new slogan are losers.

Geri Atrich said...

McCain's campaign is running out of fuel.

James S. said...

A friend just told me that McCain may drop out of PA too! Is this real or just a stupid rumor?