Monday, October 6, 2008

A Point a Day...

Will keep the TheoCons away...

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Frank J Witt said...

Hey Lowell, if you are going to send your little door knockers out on my street, inform them to at least knock on the door if you are going look in my garage. Also, I hope they print out and hang up the picture they took of our house. I asked them what they were doing and I got an almost Messiah answer from them...."uhh uhh, we're with the Obama campaign." Me` "So, why did you take a picture of my house with your phone?" them "uh, uh, it is very patriotic"...Me ~ "Yeah, I know, I live there"...them ~ "oh, sorry"...DON'T BE SORRY YOU LIVE IN A PLACE YOU CAN FLY AMERICAN/MILITARY FLAGS...for now.

Why not teach these young adults to engage in conversation? If not for the Obama bumper sticker I would not have known. Advise, teach, follow and let them free to tell the world what they think. They need a little coaching so as not seem stalky...when they walk up the driveway but not come to an open door, but walk away and take a picture and continue on their way. If I wasn't home, I think Barb, or our daughters, would have called the cops.

Tell them to knock, what is the worst that can happen, get the door slammed in their face like I get about 10 times a day trying to help people?

It is good to see the youth out there but I wish they knew the consequences of their vote this particular year...either way.

Rockdem said...

Do you think perhaps that a big intense fellow like you might be just a bit intimidating to a young person? I will call the Obama office and let them know your concerns and suggestions.

And Frank, this is a learning experience for them, they will grow. I greatly appreciate your patience and caring with young people who care enough to involve themselves.

I share with you a great concern for the future of our great country, and our bright and invested youth.

Thank you and Barb for your continued friendship.


The VP said...

Good response Lowell. When I first read his post I too thought that he was being a little to tough. These young volunteers are idealistic kids who feel motivated to participate in the democratic process. Yes they should have introduced themselves, but to get bent out of shape because they looked in tha garage or took a photo of his house, after he found out who they were, is a little over the top. Furthermore, if his family would truly call the cops because some younster took a photo, then this family is way too scared, and way too tight. This is the fear response that the republicans manipulate, security companies make millions on, and al quaeda loves. We need to beat the fear...

Frank J Witt said...

Lowell, I did not have the chance to see these "kids" until after they left. Barb was curious why our girls were looking out the window and asked if I knew who they were, simple as that, I had to find them up further along our street to ask them whom they were.

I was wondering who was TRESPASSING on private property to peek into my garage. I have no problem with anyone from any party coming and asking questions.

VP ~ if you have an issue with the security of MY house, please e-mail me and I will address it. The world is not a safe place and either is our town.

With the flexible schedule, you never know who is walking in your neighborhood and to think someone is a stranger is NOT out of the norm any more...Sorry if you think mean of me, but I have a great deal to protect.

Lowell, one thing you know of me is that I appreciate ALL you and your team has taught them but please don't listen to what VP said, you know me and my demeanor, I'm only scary in front of my own mirror in the morning.

Peace, and good night !