Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nizer for Commissioner

As Commissioner, I plan to move services to the citizens.

Currently most, if not all, Commissioner of Revenue activities occur in the county administration building in Harrisonburg, many miles from our outlying communities. Most towns in Rockingham County have a community center and my goal is to explore which services can be delivered at the community centers on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Services such as assistance with tax relief, and income tax filings for the elderly or the disabled can be cost-effectively delivered at our localities. I will work with senior citizens, low income taxpayers, and Veteran groups to explain the process and guidelines of the tax relief program.

If elected I will work toward making Revenue forms more readily available either through to
wn offices, community centers, or the web. I will bring a fresh look and new prospective to the office of the Commissioner of Revenue for Rockingham County while providing the highest level of customer service possible.

Citizens of Rockingham County will know that with Esther Nizer as their Commissioner of Revenue, they will receive responsive and considerate attention. They will be valued partners in the future prosperity of Rockingham County.

On November 4th vote Nizer for Commissioner of Revenue, and take a step toward better government in Rockingham County!

Your vote will be appreciated.

Esther Nizer

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Anonymous said...

We've really got to help Esther in this election. Her opponent has been in the office for years and never could seem to figure out how much property the O'Dell Crawford group owned resulting in huge loss of revenue to the county, which cost every other taxpayer all that much more!
Esther isn't part of the 'good old boy' network that gives a wink and a nod to shady dealings.
Time to clean up local govt!

Anonymous said...

you can't prove a thing so shut yer yap.