Sunday, February 8, 2009

2009 VA - Wind Power in the General Assembly

Coastal Wind Power for Virginia?

Despite today's stormy economy, the timing probably couldn't be better for proceeding with an experimental wind farm about 12 miles off Virginia Beach's shoreline.

After years of ignoring or downplaying the nation's energy problems and the significance of global warming, more Americans than ever - including public officials - seem to recognize the urgency of investing in clean, renewable energy resources.

In years past, there was skepticism that a productive wind farm could be safely built off Virginia's coast without interfering with the military, the fishing industry or tourism.

But, as The Pilot's Scott Harper recently reported, a group of scientists and energy experts - asked by the General Assembly in 2006 to generate ideas for green-power projects - has completed a two-year study showing that a wind farm off Virginia Beach would be viable.

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