Wednesday, February 18, 2009

House GOP Kills Bi-Partisan Redistricting

Deeds has worked for Seven Years
to Pass a Fair and Unbiased Process

A unanimously passed Senate bill that would set up a bipartisan redistricting commission in Virginia died at sunrise Tuesday during a tiny House subcommittee meeting.

"Over the years, ... there are many instances where you could say Democrats did it to Republicans (or) Republicans did it to Democrats, but the truth is we're creating a system where legislators and politicians are actually choosing their voters rather than voters choosing their leaders," Ms. Valentine said.

In spite of it, Democrats retook a majority in the Senate two years ago and have pulled to within six seats of retaining a House majority.

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1 comment:

Joe Manion said...

House Pubs are so focused on defeating any Dem proposal no matter what that they don't look at possible benefits.

"Biting off their nose to spite their face" comes to mind.
They may come to regret their obstinacy very soon.