Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lohr votes against Green Energy Credit for Virginians

A House of Delegates committee has approved a measure introduced by Sen. R. Creigh Deeds that would exempt clean energy generating devices from the state’s sales tax.

The House Finance Committee endorsed the measure in a 14-8 vote Monday. The bill, SB 1216, already cleared the Senate. It now goes before the full House.

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Details of SB 1216 by Senator Creigh Deeds

SB 1216 History

The Committee Vote

Notice that ALL votes against this commonsense measure come from the same political party...


Paul G. said...

What were you thinking Matthew?

Shari said...

Why do house Republicans keep voting against alternative energy proposals?

This seems like commonsense and good for the state in several ways.

Bubby said...

Lohr is one of those Republicans that constantly tell us government can't do anything, then gets himself elected and proves it.

Carol said...

I'm sorry, why does everything have to be so "us versus them"? Partisanship is killing our country! Why can't people like Matt Lohr see a good idea as a good idea and vote for the good of the people of Virginia instead of what's good for the Republican party? When I talked to him during his first campaign for delegate, I thought he cared about us. I am so disappointed in how he is doing since we sent him to Richmond. I wish I had voted differently.