Saturday, February 21, 2009

Drug Dealing Assistant A.G.

Dealing Drugs to our Children is Reprehensible

Bob McDonnell's Assistant Attorney General
Busted for Drugs with Intent to Distribute

Assistant Attorney General to A.G. Bob McDonnell
Steven F. Lederman

Bob McDonnell had this guy in

The Division of Child Support Enforcement

If Bob McDonnell can't run
the Attorney G
eneral's Office
What makes anyone think he can be Governor?

Va assistant attorney general faces drug charge
By the Associated Press

Virginia Assistant Attorney General Faces Drug Charge: CSEA Lacks Accountability

Assistant attorney general arrested in Norfolk on drug, weapons charges


Lary Holland said...

Thanks for linking the article regarding this Assistant Attorney General. We need to keep pushing for greater accountability in our governments!!! Thank you!

Lary Holland
Host and Producer of Get Your Justice Live

S.L. said...

Does McDonnell not drug test his employees?

David McClellen said...

It will be interesting to see how the republicans try to spin this one.

This isn't Acorn, and this isn't someone who held a house party to "meet the candidate."

This was McDonnell's direct subordinate. This was someone who answered to his boss, Bob McDonnell.

Obviously Bob McDonnell was too consumed with using the Attorney General office as a stepping stone to the Governor's mansion to actually be a good and effective Attorney General.

I really don't think Creigh Deeds would have let something like this slip by.

Austin said...

Just another classic example of the GOP's "family values." What will it take for the republican faithful to understand that the GOP platform is just a house of cards based upon lies? Greed and power rule that party, everything else is fluff for the masses.

GOP Left Me said...

You are welcome Mr. Holland.
Thank You for the article!
One of the reasons I used to support the GOP was because they promised accountability. I gradually had my eyes opened however.
It's ironic that the better I came to know these republicans, the better the democrats began to seem.
Both parties need to have their feet held to the electoral fire.

John Doe said...

Wow, good thing he wasn't a tax cheat. Instead of castigating him, Democraps would promote him to a Cabinet position.

But let's examine this "guilt by association" a little further, for you idiot readers to comprehend what is going on. Pot smoker used to work for McDonnell. McDonell didn't know about it. If McDonell did, guy would have been fired. Democrap hacks condemn McDonell with guilt by association.

But Obama KNOWS Geithner and Daschle are law breakers, and yet he chooses them for his cabinet anyway. And Dem hacks keep their noses so far up Obambi's butt they can't see day light anyway. No guilt by association there. And dipsh!ts who read this post see no hypocrisy.

John Doe said...

And if you idiots would even bother to read the links you included in your comment you would see that this guy has been in the department since 1997. He was a career guy, not somebody chosen by McDonnell. You just are such rabid ignorant party hacks that you rush to judgment without getting at the truth. And you wonder why decent people hate liberals.

S.L. said...

This sure does have you squirming John Doe. Tell me, was McDonnell in charge of the Attorney General's office or not?

Shari said...

John Doe:
Your hypocrisy is showing. For you anything a republican does is o.k., and anything a democrat does is not.
Pretty much sums you up.

John Doe said...

No, S.L., I'm not squirming. I'm just stating facts. If some assistant U.S. Attorney is caught smoking pot, does that mean Obama is responsible? After all, he is "in charge" of the Attorney General.

And Shari, don't be an idiot. I never said what Repubs do is O.K. The guy is undoubtedly a Pub and I don't condone what he did. He was fired. Good. I'm just saying pathetic little people like you just try to make more of it than it deserves. Actually, Obama is complicit in the Geithner and Daschle crimes because he KNEW of their crimes and condoned them. There is no evidence that ANY other Pub politician knew of this AAG's crimes. [Sorry I'm smarter than you, and that my position is more intellectually consistent than yours, but what do you expect? I'm a conservative and you are some liberal slug.]

Shari said...

Don't worry, I won't be an idiot.
I see how it looks when you do it and it's not at all complementary, so I'll let you have that role.
What "crimes" were Geithner and Daschle charged with? Were they arrested? I thought that being a lawyer you might actually understand the law. Oops, my bad.
By the way, in case you hadn't noticed my fine little man, Obama isn't the Attorney General. McDonnell was for almost four years and is touting his "outstanding" performance as the state's top law enforcement official as justification for expecting people's support to be elected Governor. If he was doing such a great job, how did a drug dealing subordinate go unnoticed? We can all rest assured that if a member of Obama's Senate staff had been arrested on a felony drug distribution charge you would have been howling to the moonlit sky.
S.L. is right, you're squirming like you might be suffering from the piles. Try preparation H. ;o)

W. Scott said...

David M is on the money. Creigh Deeds would have concentrated on the job of running the AG's office. Bob McDonnell has been running for Governor since January of 2006. Who ever heard of an AG trying to broker a transportation package in the legislature? He should have paid attention to the job he ran for and was elected to do.

Tonya said...

Did McDonnell know this was coming and that's why he got the heck out of the office?

Joe Manion said...

I'd say Shari put the smack down on John Doe.
Lesson: Don't argue with a smart woman in possession of the facts...

John Doe said...

Hey dumbass bitch, Obama is the boss of the AG of the US. In Va, the boss of the AG is the voters.

The distinction that I am drawing is probably beyond your ability to comprehend, but I will type S L O W L Y so that perhaps some of this will sink in: The difference is Obama knew about his appointments breaking the law, and he appointed them anyway. Sorry if your standard is so low that if they haven't been "charged with" a crime. [Tax evasion is a crime, dipshit.] I can't help somebody with no morals and no standards.

So explain to me how McDonnell was supposed to know this guy was smoking/dealing? If he did, and did nothing about it because "he wasn't charged with any crime" [your assinine "standard", not mine] then I would say you petty little liberal asslickers might be on to something. What about the judges he ran into every day? They would be in better position to know than an AG who probably saw him 1-2 x per year. And I can imagine the guy saying, "hmmm, gotta meet with hardass Bob McDonnell today, I think I'll toke on a doobie just before I meet with him so I smell like pot and have bloodshot eyes. Yeah, THAT sounds like a good plan."

Reasoning with liberals is more tedious than potty training a puppy.

Shari said...

In order to reason little man, one must first have the ability.
Reason is clearly not your strong suit John.
This is why you always retreat into being rude and abusive. Because you know your position is weak and hard to defend. I think you especially have a problem with being bested by a female?

John Doe said...

Shari, my not-so fine fat woman, I notice you didn't address my points. Typical of a liberal. When the facts and common sense are against you, attack the person who points them out to you. I called you a bitch because you obviously are. But then I destroyed your idiotic position. That is the difference between you and me: I give free insults and then just destroy your argument. You give free insults and are unable to argue effectively. Go back to flippin burgers or whatever it is you do.

Joe Manion said...


Joe Manion said...

You should probably quit before she slaps you around more John. She's making you look rather foolish.

Tonya said...

No Mr. Manion, he's making himself look foolish. Shari's just not stopping him.

GOP Left Me said...

This will keep surfacing for candidate McDonnell and people will see the connection and lack of stewardship of the office.
The question asked is reasonable. If he couldn't keep track of his subordinates in the AG's office, how can he be expected to handle the responsibility of being Governor?
Truth is as David McClellen writes above that this was just a stepping stone for McDonnell.

John Doe said...

Yeah, now we see the echo chamber chiming in. Bunch of dumbasses who wouldn't know a good argument if it bit them on their Obama buttons.

GOP Left me, if you ever had a real job with authority over people you would learn real fast that you can't hold every one of their hands and make sure they don't break the law. Only an idiot [such as yourself] would argue that what some low level subordinate hid from the world is somehow evidence that the person's supervisor "wasn't a good steward." Now, what the man did in public, what was KNOWN by the supervisor or should have been known by the supervisor, that is fair game to judge the super on. A fair question would be should the super have known. The obvious reply to that answer is no, if he was able to hide it from his co-workers and the judges and cops whom he worked most closely with. Absent some miracle of mind-reading, how the hell is his super supposed to know? But if you are just gonna be an ignorant party hack, keep on with your assinine line of reasoning.

Anonymous said...

Oh look Mommy! A misogynist McDonnell water boy with turret's!