Friday, February 20, 2009

Politics -vs- Virginians

Partisan politics and power plays are causing harm to Virginia's future.

The articles of the previous post, and many in the recent past illustrate what some of us have been saying for some time. There are some politicians who would rather be in charge of a sinking ship than let someone else steer the vessel.

This spiteful nature is now manifesting itself through opposition to Virginia seizing the initiative in the development of the emerging field of alternative energy, and non partisan democracy...

We must get beyond Republican -vs- Democrat
and move toward Good Idea -vs- Bad Idea.

We must stop electing politicians who oppose a good idea, simply because someone from the other party had the idea. Such childishness is causing our future, and our childrens future great harm...

Here is another article providing yet further evidence that Creigh Deeds, Brian Moran, and Terry McAuliffe are on the right track, and trying to promote positive growth in Virginia's economy by pursuing the next boom industry:

Solar energy industry beginning to compete with fossil fuels

After 30 years of trying to squeeze electricity from sunlight, the solar energy industry is finally gaining some traction in its effort to compete with fossil fuels.

Does that mean most of the power in our homes will soon be coming from the sun?

Here are some questions and answers about solar energy as a source of electricity.

Q:Is solar energy getting close to being able to compete with fossil fuels?

Answer: It's definitely moving in that direction.

Rooftop solar panels already are producing cheaper electricity than traditional power plants during the day in California and Hawaii. And industry analysts say that as early as next year utilities could build solar power plants able to compete with traditional coal-fired or natural gas power plants.

Q:Has something changed recently to give solar a leg up?

Answer: There have been vast improvements in technology as equipment and installation costs have plummeted, thanks in part to manufacturing innovations and a huge plunge in polysilicon prices.

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Actve said...

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John Doe said...

Liberal definition of "Partisan" = anybody who disagrees with the liberal position.

Liberal definition of "Racist" = anybody who disagrees with the liberal position.

Hope this halps for any dimwits who bother to read this blog, and who haven't drank the Kool Aid yet.

Bubby said...

I was recently talking with a Conservative friend in California, he was able to have solar panels financed by the electric utility installed on his home, lowered his bill by 40% and got a tax credit. He also put a bunch of tradesmen and suppliers to work.

He used to call himself a Republican but quit the Party because of what he calls "their mixed up priorities". He has no interest in legislating morality and sees energy policy as a national security emergency.

FYI, Virginia's energy law was written by the folks at Dominion Power - you know the folks that sell you electricity.