Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Addicted to Fake Outrage

...what's even more inane than our irrational reefer madness is our addiction to the same high that every pothead craves: the high of escapism. Nerves fried from orange terror warnings, Drudge Report sirens and disaster capitalism's roller-coaster economics, our narcotic of choice is fake outrage — and it packs a punch. It gets us to turn on the television, tune in to the latest manufactured drama, and drop out of the real battle for the republic's future.

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John Doe said...

This coming from the party who made such moral outrage at "Maccaca"? And at Rush Limbaugh for being addicted to pain meds? And GWB's and Sarah Palin's husband's 20 year old DUIs? As usual, yer a partisan hack. Not a very smart one, either.

Bubby said...

And while they had Americans scared stupid about "terrorists", Republicans orchestrated the nearly impossible destruction of the American economy (and likely much of the rest of the world).

They had no problem financing a $2 Trillion expedition to "bring democracy" to Babylon, but saving the American economy is "pork"?

The GOP has become a giant Ponzi scheme - selling fear and fake outrage to stupid people. And we now know that about 25% of our population will buy it.